A Word from Jo Churchill

Suffolk SoBS are delighted to have gained the support of our local MP for Bury St Edmunds to change and ban the outdated term ‘committed suicide’ from our language. Jo writes –

“I welcome the work that Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide are doing in removing the word ‘committed’ from the language which is used when discussing those people who make the choice to intentionally end their own lives. It is my hope that by altering the terminology used to ‘died by suicide’ that the Survivors of BereaSuffolk SoBSvement by Suicide experience less stigma and isolation as a result. Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide need the support of everyone in order to help them to overcome the loss of a loved one. I will personally do my utmost to remember to use ‘died’ or ‘death by suicide’ in my conversations around this subject.”
Photo Credit: www.jochurchill.org.uk