A Word from Gary Page

Suffolk SoBS are delighted to have gained the support of the Head of the Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust to change and ban the outdated term ‘committed suicide’ from our language Gary writes –

“I  am proud to support SoBS in Suffolk. I have seen first hand the incredible work they do supSuffolk SoBSporting Survivors throughout the county and beyond. In the Mental Health Trust we sadly encounter many Survivors coming to terms with losing a loved one in such difficult circumstances. Signposting Survivors to SOBS helps the organisation reach more people who need the unique support and insight only fellow Survivors can provide.  This website is a great addition to the promotion of the charity across Suffolk and I wish the organisation continued success providing invaluable support to families in need.

From working with SoBS I know how important the response of professionals from organisations such as the NHS is, and that when we get it wrong the consequences can stay with Survivors for a lifetime. Anything which raises awareness of the work you do and provides a greater understanding of how professionals can best provide support to Survivors in the immediate circumstances of a suicide and beyond has my full support.”